Let Everyone Know Your Business Is Safe

VaxValidating Your Business

VaxValidating your business is easy. As a Vax Validated business your company will receive a printable Vax Online Certificate with a unique Vax QR code to post anywhere in the workplace. When the QR Code is scanned with any mobile device, your online Vax Certificate will appear to verify vaccination of your employees and the safety of your workplace. It's that easy!

  1. Register Your Business
    • Click the "Business Registration" link below and complete the form. There's a 1-time $75 business set up fee required at the time you complete the form.
    • Business Registration Link

  2. Print and Share Your Certificate and QR Code
    • Login to your Vax Validated account at any time by clicking the member profile icon at the top-right of the menu bar, and print your Vax Validated Business Certificate and Vax QR Code then share them on social media directly from your member page.
    • The Free VaxWear Wristband with your business QR code is also available from your member page when you login (1 free wristband per order).
    • Once registered, your business can purchase VaxWear items displaying your business Vax QR code, demonstrating Vax Validation of your business to your customers and employees without saying a word.
    • Copy/paste all employee email addresses to your Vax Validated account. Vax Validated will immediately begin contacting your employees on behalf of your company to obtain their vaccination cards, upload them and attach them to your company's Vax Certificate automatically for compliance, organization, validation and proof of employee vaccinations within a single and secure location.

Note: Vax Validated for business is a means whereby businesses can attest the vaccination of their employees. The business certificate must be applied for by a Principal or Senior Executive of the company who becomes responsible for attesting vaccination of 100% of the company’s employees under US laws of perjury. Vax Validated does not examine the employees, their vaccination records, uploaded data, or any documents that you provide. It’s your way of telling the world and attesting that 100% of your employees have been COVID vaccinated.

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