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Register your personal COVID-19 vaccination online for free and receive your free personal Vax Certificate and Vax QR code. Tell the world your COVID vaxxed and safe, without saying a word, and be part of the solution to the COVID pandemic through community immunity.

Your Vax QR code is linked to your personal online Vax certificate. When anyone scans it with any mobile device, your online Vax Certificate appears immediately. It's that easy!

Businesses can also be Vax Validated to certify the vaccination of their employees and to let their customers and associates know that their workplace is safe and healthy. This helps increase profits as you gain new customers/clients and the return of those that may be MIA due to COVID. People tend to feel safer and more comfortable in businesses when they know the vax status of the staff and employees. Please know that there's a one-time fee for business vax validation, although personal vax validation remains free.

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The mission of Vax Validated is to enable community immunity and help to end the COVID pandemic through awareness by online certification and VaxWear