Stylishly Spread COVID Awareness and Help Us Return to a COVID-FREE World

Stylishly Spread COVID Awareness and Help Us Return to a COVID-FREE World

On our way to reaching the herd immunity threshold in the United States, many Americans are looking for ways to help spread COVID awareness. There are plenty of ways to share your vaccination status through all social media platforms, and even by word of mouth. A clever new way to contribute to the awareness is through VaxWear, offered by VaxValidated. This is a unique product line that displays your personal vax QR code on its merchandise, letting everyone know you’re safe everywhere you go.

Get your free VaxWear Wristband

Check out the items that are available, including a FREE VaxWear Wristband, all with your own personal Vax QR Code in the VaxWear Shop.
The way it works is simple and takes only 5 minutes to register for free. Simply visit the VaxValidated website, create a free account, login, and register your COVID vaccination online for free. You immediately receive your free personal online Vax Certificate and Vax QR code that you can share with everyone by social media, email, and many other ways right from the Vax Validated platform. When you’re logged in, any item you order from the VaxWear Shop will have your personal Vax QR Code. When you let others scan it, your online Vax Certificate pops up proving that you’re vaxxed and safe. Very easy!
The items you can purchase with your personal Vax QR Code on them include men’s/women’s/children’s apparel, accessory items (like sports bottles, mugs, and keychains), beachwear, workwear, household goods, and an expanding array of items. This gives you the opportunity to provide peace of mind to those around you wherever you go.
The FREE VaxWear Wristband that you get with your free registration also has your personal Vax QR Code on it, and it looks great! It makes a statement that you’re vaxxed, safe and free wherever you go. That alone makes the 5-minutes worthwhile.
Wearing VaxWear spreads awareness with ease and without saying a word. Know the feeling when you’re around people that seem very concerned about catching the coronavirus? Let’s say you sneeze or cough in public, you’re at an airport waiting in line, or even at work. People are reluctant to get close and feel comfortable around others these days, but your VaxWear makes a statement for you. If you ever want to prove your COVID vaccination, just have them scan your wristband with their mobile device, and your online Vax Certificate pops up. This is handy when you’re traveling, on vacation, at work, or in any public place. Feelin’ good about being vaxxed? Share a selfie in your VaxWear t-shirt on social media or just copy/paste your Vax QR Code or URL online.

Below, are five VaxWear products that I believe are must-haves:

VaxWear Unisex Softstyle Pocket T-shirt

    The first product that stood out to me was the Unisex Softstyle Pocket T-shirt. This product is available in black, white, and heather gray with plenty of sizes. They have three different styles available for their tee. I found the idea to be very unique on a t-shirt that can be worn anywhere. Personally, I would like my main vax QR code to be displayed on something more subtle, but I found the logo and brand name to be appealing, stylish, and to my liking. The little chest pocket is a style plus. You can also display the Vax QR Code on the back of the shirt in a fun way.

    VaxWear Wristband

      My style is more subtle, which brings me to my next suggestion. The VaxWear wristband is one-of-a-kind. There is nothing out there that does the same thing as this. My cool wristband displays my Vax QR code that links directly to my verified online certification. This is subtle but also handy when I want to share my vaccination status with others. I don’t have to worry about having to carry my vaccination card with me, keeping it safe, losing it, or damaging it. My vax status is right on my VaxWear Wristband, subtly and everywhere I go. I definitely recommend grabbing a few of these with your first purchase. After all, upon registration, you will receive one for free. It is always nice to have a backup in a different color as well.

      VaxWear Face mask

        As many states are still strict with their health and safety regulations, the face mask is another unique product from LINK. They have a mask that displays your vax QR code along with a little recognizable logo. This product is super useful in public. While trying to remain socially distant, sometimes it is just not that easy. With this specific facemask, you can bring peace of mind to those around you just by wearing it. Super great. 

        VaxWear Sports bottle

          I was an athlete when I was younger and there was nothing more important for practice than bringing your water bottle. As I have not practiced in many years, I cannot imagine the stresses of practicing in our current COVID world. Nonetheless, VaxValidated uses their QR code idea to display yours on the sports bottle. They have stainless steel, double-wall (for condensation control) sports bottle. This product is essential for our youth in sports, and anyone looking for a cool, new water bottle, to continue sharing COVID awareness with their team, or around the office, even in school.

          VaxWear Backpack

            This final product is a super cool idea. They have a nice, sturdy backpack for our scholars or anyone that is a backpack user. Imagine storing your items in an easily identifiable product that radiates a sense of comfort just by using it. With your vax QR code displayed on the back, friends can scan and feel secure knowing you have been vaccinated.
            These five products are my recommendations based on my own taste, but check out the VaxWear Store for yourself and see what you think. There are many other items available, including products for your home, your work, the beach, and even for your pet. You can let the neighborhood know that you’re vaxxed by simply walking your dog . Apparel products include all ages from toddlers to adults, along with hats and other accessories. All of these items display your own personal Vax QR Code on them, making you part of the solution to end the effects of the COVID pandemic.

            Other Important Facts About VaxWear

            Vax Validated is on a mission to help end the effects of COVID in our society. Styling your VaxWear makes a statement and helps us get back to normal faster. You’re not joining a movement or a club, you simply become part of the solution that will end COVID faster for everyone through community immunity, when you style your VaxWear and share your Vax QR Code and vax status with others.
            As for the products themselves, I find the VaxWear concept to be revolutionary for spreading COVID awareness in a stylish and subtle way. I like the fact that I don’t have to say a word about my COVID vaccination, yet when people around me see my VaxWear Wristband, Sports Bottle, Keychain, and other items, they know that I’m COVID vaxxed and they feel safe around me. They tend to feel more comfortable and get closer to me than when I don’t have my VaxWear with me. This is unique and sets Vax Validated far apart from other online apparel companies.
            I also must mention, as you may know, that sharing your COVID vaccination status with others immediately makes you an indirect motivator for others to get COVID vaccinated as well. It’s subliminal but very real and very effective. As more people get COVID vaxxed, our society becomes safer and better. Vax Validated created a way for you to maximize the impact of your COVID vax on society by enabling you to voice your vaccination privately, online, and with VaxWear.  
            In conclusion, if you have been vaccinated and would like to take the next step, then take 5 minutes, register your COVID vaccination on, share your Vax QR Code with your network, friends, and family, and get your VaxWear on! Let’s get back to normal again, as a community.
            The Vax Validated Team