Radiate Health, Safety and Peace of Mind Wherever You Go

Radiate Health, Safety and Peace of Mind Wherever You Go

Everyone has been affected by COVID in one way or another. The effects of the virus have been catastrophic for millions of families and communities, physically, economically, socially, and in ways that can’t be described with words.  Too many people have been living in fear and anxiety for too long, over the spread of the virus and the lingering possibility of dying from it in a matter of days, as so many have.  However, the surge of COVID vaccines has paved a path for vaccinated people to radiate health, safety, and peace wherever they go, in a world that desperately needs it.

As a community, we’re working our way back to our normal COVID-free lifestyle and we know this can be accomplished through vaccinations and community immunity. There’s hope for a brighter tomorrow and we can see a “light at the end of the tunnel”.  

We’re now reaching about 50% COVID vaccination of the US population as of July 28, 2021, according to the CDC COVID Data Tracker.  This is a big step forward in reaching our freedom from COVID once again. Nevertheless, we still have a stretch to go as there have been over 290,406 reported deaths of non-vaccinated Americans since the COVID vaccine was introduced on December 14, 2020. The goal is to bring that number down to zero as soon as possible.

As we move forward toward reaching the goal of community immunity, vaccinated people can radiate health, safety, and peace of mind wherever they go, silently or openly through awareness.  This happens as you share your vax status within your own network and community.

What are the benefits of sharing my vaccination status?

The positive impact of sharing your vax status is significant and far beyond the expectation of most people, even if you only share it among your peers.  It creates a “butterfly effect” that helps to effectuate a positive macro impact in our society within a relatively short period of time. For more insight about the impact and benefits of this, read our blog entitled “The Importance of Sharing your COVID Vaccination With Your Social Network.”

Recognizing the importance of this, Vax Validated created a free and easy way to share your vax status online and offline, silently or openly as you prefer. The 3-5 minute free online registration is your portal for easy sharing of your vax status. It provides you with a free online Vax Certificate and Vax QR Code that you can share online, and with VaxWear that has your personal Vax QR Code on it to share your vax status offline without saying a word.

You can also upload your vaccination card to your online Vax Certificate for free. Whenever anyone scans your Vax QR Code with a mobile device, your Vax Certificate pops up. You can share your free Vax QR Code through your favorite social media, by text, email, or by simply styling your VaxWear.  Pretty easy!

How do you radiate health safety and peace of mind wherever you go?

Several dynamics happen when you style your VaxWear that displays your Vax QR Code. I’ve noticed people feel safer and more comfortable around me when they see my VaxWear because they know that I’m vaccinated and I can prove it by letting them scan my Vax QR Code if I wish. In knowing this, most people also know that I’m not likely to transmit the coronavirus to them even if I had it. People are more likely to shake my hand, give me a hug or a kiss on the cheek instead of the common fist bump or elbow tap that became popular during COVID for social distancing.

In general, people simply tend to get closer to me and they feel safer around me when they see my VaxWear. I definitely radiate health, safety and peace of mind to those around me by simply wearing my VaxWear, whether they know me or not.

I also noticed that my VaxWear is a good conversation starter or “icebreaker” in any social situation. “Hey, scan my VaxWear with your phone”; that starts a conversation every time, especially when my Vax QR Code is on my shirt, keychain or wristband. They see my online Vax Certificate popup on their mobile device, they start a conversation with me, and they immediately feel closer and safer around me.

Sometimes, people see my VaxWear and ask what it is. I just tell them to scan it and the same thing happens. In other occasions the people around me already know what my Vax QR Code is so they don’t have to scan it; we simply start talking. It’s definitely a good conversation piece to carry around, and it constantly emits a silent statement to everyone around me, that I’m vaxxed and safe.

What impact does sharing vaccination status as a business have?

I know of businesses that radiate the same positive effect simply by posting their Vax Certificate on their front door, near a register, or on a desk in the work environment. There are VaxWear mugs, caps, water bottles, and other items that businesses can have around the workplace radiating the same message of health and safety around their customers and employees. I would imagine these businesses would attract more customers and generate more profit because of this constant radiating effect.

For example, I would be more prone to visit a Vax Validated restaurant with cooks and waiters that have the Vax QR code on their aprons or uniforms, than a restaurant in the same area that is not Vax Validated. The waiter handles my food and speaks to me when my food is on the table, so the Vax QR Code on the Apron has value to me. The same goes for my hairstylist, office, or any business I choose to visit. When I see the Vax QR Code in the workplace, I’m more likely to return to that business instead of similar businesses in the same area because I value their principles of health and safety that are visible and verifiable through their Vax QR Code and VaxWear.

I encourage everyone I know to Register their vax for free in 3-5 minutes at Vax Validated so they can radiate health, safety, and peace of mind as I do when I style my VaxWear. You get a Free VaxWear Wristband with your own personal Vax QR Code with your free Vax Validated registration, and that’s in addition to the free Vax Certificate and Vax QR Code that you receive.

If you’ve been COVID vaccinated, I believe that getting Vax Validated is the logical next step. I see this as my “drop in the bucket” to be part of a solution that will bring an end to the COVID pandemic. Share it silently or openly but help create awareness and share your COVID Vax easily at VaxValidated.com, then radiate health, safety, and peace of mind around you, everywhere you go, by styling your Free VaxWear Wristband or any other VaxWear you wish.

The Vax Validated Team