Professional Service Providers Add Value, Gain New Customers and Retain Existing Customers with Vax Validated

Professional Service Providers Add Value, Gain New Customers and Retain Existing Customers with Vax Validated

As with any business, professional service providers face the challenge of offering an edge over competitors to effectively engage new clients on an ongoing basis, and to retain their existing customers. Whether they offer healthcare, human resources, insurance, consulting, or any other professional or technical services to businesses and/or consumers, every third-party company can benefit from having an “upper hand” that sets them apart and draws new business their way continuously.

To gain a competitive advantage, these companies often partner with others to provide added value, benefits or enhanced services for their clients. The combined services of synergistic partners often translates into increased sales and customer retention. Sales can become easier, faster and more effective by incorporating this partnership strategy and thereby enhance the array of services provided. It can give your customers the reason they need to choose and engage your services over your competitors.

Vax Validated created a partnership format for professional service providers to offer needed services to their customers that few companies have available in today’s environment. By providing Vax Validated benefits bundled with their existing services or products, professional service providers differentiate themselves and gain an important edge over their competitors. This elevates their ability to engage new customers and retain existing clients, while enhancing relationships with their business and/or consumer clients.

Benefits of the Vax Validated Partnership for Professional Service Providers

1) A partnership with Vax Validated enables service providers to seamlessly offer COVID-19 vaccination record management, proper documentation and proof of compliance for business customers and their employees.

Businesses with over 100 employees have been tasked with the responsibility of requiring COVID-19 vaccination of their employees and demonstrating evidence of the same by November 22, 2021. By offering the Vax Validated solution, businesses simply upload employee email addresses within the Vax Validated portal. Vax Validated provides an online Vax Certificate to the business and corresponds directly with business’ employees to obtain their COVID-19 vaccination cards and digitally attach them to the online Busines Vax Certificate. When the Business Vax Certificate as viewed online, the attached employee vaccination cards are also available as proof.

Vax Validated acts as a central location that hosts the Business Vax Certificate and the employee vaccination cards in one place for easy management. Vax Validated also corresponds with employees directly to ensure uploading of the documents and effectuates compliance of the business.

Vax Validated also manages removal of employee vaccination cards from the company’s Vax Validated certificate when employees leave the company, and facilitates adding vaccination cards for new employees when they join. This ensures that the Business Vax Certificate is up to date at all times.  

2) Proof of corporate compliance.

In addition to the online Vax Validated Business Certificate with attached employee vaccination cards, the service provider’s customers will receive a Vax QR Code and a Vax Badge when they add the Vax Validated services. When the Vax QR Code is scanned with any mobile device, the Business Vax Certificate will immediately appear with the attachments. This is useful as a fast and convenient way to demonstrate the COVID-19 health status of the business anywhere and at any time.

The Vax Badge with the company’s embedded Vax QR Code can be placed on the business website, newsletters, emails, documents and other media, proving compliance at all times and demonstrating the health and safety of the workplace to customers and employees.

As a client of the service provider, each business customer will receive a framed Business Vax Badge in an elegant glass stand to display in reception areas, waiting areas, desktops or any visible location of the workplace.

3) Safekeeping of sensitive documents and removal of responsibility and risk from the employer.

The COVID-19 vaccination documents of employees are sensitive documents that employees will need in the future to demonstrate their COVID-19 vaccination status in many situations. When working with numerous employees to copy and scan their vaccination cards, these sensitive documents can get lost or damaged in the process. The task of meeting with each employee for this purpose and the risk of losing or damaging sensitive employee vaccination documents is eliminated with the Vax Validation program, as the employer need enter the employee email addresses into the system, and Vax Validated takes care of the rest. No responsibility for safekeeping numerous employee vaccination documents, nor the risk of losing or damaging them.

4) Facilitate an easy process for employees.

Employees have the responsibility to demonstrate their COVID-19 vaccination status to employers of companies with 100 or more employees. Vax Validated creates a single digital point of access for COVID-19 vaccination documentation and Vax Validation. This simplifies and facilitates the process for employees, as they can scan or take a photo of their vaccination cards and easily upload them directly to their employer’s online Vax Validated Business Vax Certificate with any mobile device or computer from any location. No need to make an appointment with Human Resources or any other department. Simply upload directly from any location with any mobile device or computer and place the original vaccination card in a safe place. The business certificate is automatically updated and the employee has quickly and easily complied with their requirement.

5) Easy COVID-19 document and certification management.

The administrator within any Vax Validated business can easily add or remove employee vaccination cards that are attached to the online Business Vax Certificate as needed within the Vax Validated portal to streamline compliance management.

By providing the above Vax Validated benefits, professional service providers can differentiate themselves as facilitators of processes that will simplify and execute an important need of their customers. The Vax Validated services can be bundled or offered alongside those of the professional service provider who simply connects their customers with the Vax Validated service. All Vax Validated services are provided directly by Vax Validated for the customer, with no responsibility or work required by the professional service provider.

Features of the Vax Validated Partnership

Professional service providers can join Vax Validated in partnership and offer Vax Validated services by clicking the link below. They will immediately receive a discount code that will provide a 30% discount for their customers.

Partners of Vax Validated also receive the Vax Validated Partnership Program Package with a media kit and program information for their customers. Partners use the media kit to offer Vax Validated benefits alongside their own services as an advantage for their customers. The partnership is designed to enhance the value that professional service providers offer to their current customers and facilitate acquisition of new customers.

There is no cost for professional service providers to partner with Vax Validated, but we encourage them to join the free Vax Validated membership or any membership level if vaccinated (optional). COVID-19 vaccination is not a requirement of the program.

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