Concerts, Live Events & Festivals in a Covid-19 World

Concerts, Live Events & Festivals in a Covid-19 World

Whether you spend four back-to-back days of dancing to your favorite artists immersed within the city skyline at Lollapalooza in Chicago, choose to enjoy fireworks at a summer street fest with friends, or decide to set up lawn chairs and check out a local band at a block party festival, these outdoor live experiences are more fun and memorable when shared in closeness with friends, family, and at times, even with strangers.

The COVID pandemic robbed us of experiences like these for a while, but that’s coming to an end, at last! Society had to put concerts, live events, and festivals on hold for too long, but the world is slowly but surely moving toward the freedom of enjoying these experiences stress-free and in the safest way possible once again.

With many new COVID-19 rules and regulations, most of this Summer's lineup of concerts, live events and festivals were able to go forward with hundreds and thousands of attendees. This is in direct contrast to the deadness we experienced in 2020! Everyone seems eager to be a part of these live events that have been taking place all over the country, while many still wonder how safe this grouping of so many people can really be, in light of the pandemic. Does everyone attending these events follow COVID-19 safety rules?

What new event Covid-19 protocols can we expect?

In an effort to help enforce COVID-19 practices and minimize coronavirus exposure among attendees, large music festivals such as Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL, require their guests to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result within 48hrs of attending the event.  However, other well-known festivals such as Rolling Loud in Miami, FL did not require any form of proof of vaccination or testing by their attendees. This discrepancy has left many with mixed feelings as to whether or not bringing live events back is helping or hurting us as a nation. It seems that every person has to weigh a balance between complete freedom and safety for themselves, as COVID-19 safety practices may be enforced by some but not by others.

Regardless of whether you’re for or against enforcing COVID-19 rules at concerts, live events, and festivals, it’s very likely that they will continue to increase as we move further away from the deadness of 2020 when we had no live or public events for 4th of July celebrations, Christmas or even New Year’s Eve at the turn of the century! We’re experiencing a very different “normal” where everyone knows that the coronavirus is still out there and just as dangerous as ever, but now we’re back outside, we’re removing masks, and the concerts, live events, and festivals are reemerging and growing fast.

How can you participate but stay safe and healthy? Should you avoid these events altogether? Should you attend but wear a mask? Does the mask really work? Should you only fist-bump, or can you give a handshake, hug or kiss on the cheek? If you’ve been vaxxed, can you still get infected by the coronavirus and transmit it to your family and friends? In our new “normal” there are too many questions about this, and multiple answers for each one. It’s hard to tell who’s right or wrong, so it seems that the best advice can be to play it safe either way.

One sure way to bring peace of mind to attendees of concerts, live events, festivals, and all public activities where large groups gather and cluster closely, is through awareness. The coronavirus is not so easily transmitted through people that have been COVID vaccinated, therefore, sharing your vax status and knowing who’s vaxxed around you brings awareness to your immediate environment.

How does Vax Validated make attending events easier?

Vax Validated created a free way to bring this awareness out into the open quickly and easily, offline and online. The Vax QR Code is visible in VaxWear items such as wristbands, hats, t-shirts, keychains, sports bottles, and many other apparel and accessory products that you typically have with you anyway. When you scan the code with any mobile device, the person’s online Vax Certificate appears (no app needed).

This can also be an advantage for event attendees so that they don’t have to bring documents to the concert or live event in an effort to prove their vaccination status. Instead, their personal Vax QR Code located on their free VaxWear Wristband or any other VaxWear they may have proves their vax status with a simple scan when they arrive at the event. Once you upload your COVID-19 vaccination card for free, you get a free online Vax Certificate and personal Vax QR Code, and your proof of vaccination is safe, handy, and available whenever and wherever you need it.

Another benefit for event attendees and anyone that takes advantage of the free Vax Validated registration, is that of creating a closer connection with those around you. Read our blog entitled “Radiate Health, Safety and Peace of Mind Wherever You Go” to learn more about this interesting effect that you create with your VaxWear.

Vax Validated is working with organizers of concerts, live events, festivals, and other organizations to make it easier for people to share and prove their vax status, and to make public events and gatherings safer, easier, and more fun for everyone, by incorporating an innovative community approach. One of the primary objectives is to facilitate connecting, having fun with those we care about, meeting new people, sharing laughs, and enjoying music safe and simple once again.

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