Business COVID Validation in 3 Easy Steps

Business COVID Validation in 3 Easy Steps

It has become increasingly important for businesses to show that their workplace is COVID-safe and healthy; but how can you prove it quickly, easily, anywhere and at all times?

Here are three quick and easy steps for businesses to prove Vax Validation with

  • Go to and select the business plan most suitable for the size of your business; with plans starting at $0/month for small businesses.
  • Login to your new Vax Validated account to upload your company logo and employee vaccination cards (if any). Don’t worry, you can do this at any time, but you’ll still receive your Vax certificate immediately after you register.

*Note: whenever you upload the vaccination cards, they will be attached to your online Vax Certificate as proof, and they will be digitally accessible at all times, anywhere you go. Validated!

That’s it! Your Business online Vax Certificate, Vax QR Code and Vax Badge are ready to go in three easy steps. It’s that easy!

* See the Three Easy Steps video here.

Vax Online Certificate

Receive a Special Business Gift

When you Vax Validate your business you will also receive a special business gift in the mail with your Business Vax QR Code on it to help you demonstrate the vax status and safety of your Business. It’s our way of saying WELCOME to the Vax Validated community!

Benefits of Vax Validating Your Business

Your business vax credentials are always available and safe. From this point forward, whenever your Business Vax QR Code is scanned with any mobile device, your Business Vax Certificate will immediately appear showing proof of the vax status of your business always. The COVID vax documents for your business and employees will never get lost or damaged, and they’ll always be readily available whenever and wherever you may need to show proof of vaccination(s) and COVID safety for your business.

Visibly display and prove COVID safety in your work environment. You can download and print your Business Vax certificate, frame it and place it anywhere in your workplace. This makes your customers, guests, associates and employees feel safer in your workplace, and it helps generate more business.

Easily share your business vax status with everyone. You can seamlessly share your Business Vax QR Code and COVID-safety status on all of your business and personal social media directly from your Member Page when you login at This is the fastest and easiest way to let the world know that your business is COVID safe. When people scan your Business Vax QR Code, your Vax Certificate will immediately appear as proof.

Display your Vax Badge online. You can share your business Vax Badge on your company website, newsletters, email blasts, promotions, social media, or however you see fit. This shows the COVID-safety and health of your business to your customers, associates and everyone else. Whenever anyone clicks your Vax Badge, your Vax Certificate will immediately appear as proof.

Vax Badge

Actively show proof of COVID safety with VaxWear. You can purchase business VaxWear items with your Business Vax QR Code on it, such as desk supplies, aprons, mugs, water bottles, shirts, facemasks and more. You can add your company logo to existing VaxWear items, or order company uniforms with your Vax QR Code on them.

VaxWear CapContinuously radiate health safety and peace of mind to your customers, employees and constituents. When people enter your workplace or visit online and see your Vax Badge or your Business Vax QR Code with the two green checkmarks in the Vax Validated format, they will know that your workplace is healthy and they will feel safer doing business with you.  See our blog entitled: “Radiate Health, Safety and Peace of Mind Wherever You Go”.

We encourage you to share your Vax QR Code and Badge as much as possible online, and to display them along with your Business Vax Certificate in your workplace on as many items as possible. Experience the difference that Vax Validating creates for your business.

Vax Validated offers businesses the easiest, fastest and most effective way to tell the world that they’re workplace is COVID safe and healthy. Visit us at for details.

The Vax Validated Team